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Auto Accident Lawyers

Auto Accident Lawyers in Towson, MD

If you have suffered a severe injury in a Baltimore car accident that wasn't your fault, your main concern should always be your physical and mental recovery. If an accident has tragically taken a loved one from you because of someone else’s negligence or wrongful actions, your priority may be grieving for your loss and comforting your family. Trying to recover after an auto accident can seem impossible and overwhelming. That’s why at SG Legal Group, our auto accident lawyers in Towson, MD are here to help.  You should never have to worry about how you will manage financially or deal with the legal and administrative burdens that a car accident can cause. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

Car Accidents 

If you’ve suffered a serious injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault, let SG Legal Group help. If you have been the victim of a serious injury, chances are, you have already been contacted by an insurance company. This is because, it is the insurance companies’ goal to dispose of your claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. When you retain SG Legal Group, you can expect to work closely with your attorney. We make client communication a top priority. For a free consultation regarding your potential personal injury claim, contact us now. You pay no attorney’s fee unless we win your case.


Truck Accidents 

Tractor-trailer crashes can be much more severe than car crashes. A tractor-trailer can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds which is equivalent to about 16 cars. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in Maryland, SG Legal Group can help. We understand how daunting the recovery process can seem. Let us deal with the insurance companies while you worry about getting better

Motorcyle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, medical treatment, motorcycle repair costs, and lost wages can add up to significant financial hardship. If an accident results in serious or permanent injuries, long term treatment may be required. Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will ensure that financial recovery is maximized. 

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